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20 years we have been producing sophisticated IT solutions, providing consulting, creating architecture of IT systems, developing, and implementing innovative mobile and cloud IT solutions.

70+ Awards

Across the globe we have won more than 70 international awards for innovation in ICT

5 Patents

We base our work on our own 5 patents in the field of ICT.

Welcome to Citus
CITUS was founded in 1999 and since its inception until today it operates worldwide, and its development is based on its own innovations.

We create products, solutions, and services according to wishes and needs of customers.

CITUS solutions are innovative and built on the latest technologies. They are very easy to use for the end user, intuitive, with a touch free approach (no need for keyboard, mouse or touch screen) – a gesture will do, the content can be viewed/managed through the glass (e.g. shop window), available 0-24 hours,  hygienic, there is no equipment damage because the user is not in direct contact with the equipment, and provide great opportunities for interaction through gemification, avatar creation, etc.

C@N Motion

Gesture controlled content management system

C@N eMotion

Facial expression and emotion recognition software


BoMe – Digital body measurement solution


Gender & age group recognition software


Online and mobile tool for organizing and managing conferences, workshops, trainings, educations…


Solution for protection at work

We have won more than 70 awards for innovation:

All of us who, with our own work, enthusiasm, ideas, and vision, make new solutions and products for the prosperity and well-being of our communities and the entire society, despite all obstacles, we never give up. We are a family that shares all the ups and downs. Tomislav Bronzin has dedicated his entire life and work to finding new solutions. The awards and patents he has won show how successful he is at it.

Vjekoslav Majetić

Founder, CEO and owner of DOK-ing

Constant work and development, “out of the box” approach and not accepting the word NO i.e., that something is not possible to do, is what connected the company CITUS and the company Rimac Automobili. Rimac Automobili cooperates with CITUS due to the top expertise of CITUS experts in the field of Microsoft platform, technology, and tools, and due to the knowledge and experience of CITUS in the management and implementation of innovations in IT. In The fact is that CITUS has won more than 60 international awards for innovation in IT and owns 5 patents in the field.

Dubravko Hlede

Rimac, IT manager

I have known Tomislav for many years since we worked in the common space at the Technology Park. Although we are in different industries, we had certain points of contact where Tomislav with Citus worked on solutions for our company. Every job we did was done flawlessly and within the agreed framework. I always have been recommending Citus, with Tomislav as its leader, and I will continue to recommend it as an innovative company that always makes its customers satisfied.

Zvonimir Viduka

founder, CEO and owner of ALTPRO

Citus' Platform Conference@Net has greatly helped us to organize RFID conferences. The platform is very clear and easy to use. Most importantly all the data is available at any time and due to that the half of the work around the organization of the conference "is done by itself" and without error.

Dunja Bituh

Selmet, organizer of the RFID Conference

The Conference@Net platform was an indispensable tool for us in the organization of CrisCon conference. Everything is in one place, from candidacy and selection of lectures, sending offers and invoices for registration fees, through sending notices, newsletters and conference materials to automatic registration of participants and filling out surveys. Intuitive and clear interface that requires minimal adjustment time even for people who see the app for the first time. If you are planning to organize a conference, the Conference@Net platform is all you need.

Goran Žarinac

CrisCon Conference director 2017

Migrating to the Microsoft Office 356 system was the best decision. We have gained flexibility in terms of the amount and size of emails we can exchange, the ability to share and collaborate on documents with associates within the institution, but also with external partners and associates. We have increased the availability of data outside the institution, on new mobile devices and increased data security while significantly reducing the necessary administration and maintenance of e-mail systems, document management and video conferencing capabilities.

Krunoslav Rendulić

Head of IT department at National and University Library in Zagreb


Citus team

highly educated

CITUS comprises a multidisciplinary team of highly educated and certified professionals with an “out of the box” approach and we do not accept NO for an answer. We are lecturers at various conferences.

Citus team

certified experts

We are holders of the prestigious MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) title for Office 365 and the development of Web applications.
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